Promotion Areas

The big data analysis is still in the initial planning and constructing phase, and the current key developments are as follows:


  In order to enhance the government’s administrative energy, Primer Mao of the Executive Yuan launched the three arrows of “Network communication and profound administrative planning” after he assumed the office. In addition to further expanding the scope and depth of open data, the big data analysis technique is also planned to be utilized to assist the government in optimizing the vital policy-making.

Promotional Strategy

  The government is currently promoting the application of big data analysis, where government organizations propose vital issues to be resolved from the three aspects of social security, economic development and environmental sustainability in collaboration with academic institutions. These issues include epidemic prediction, drug prevention, price monitoring, pay raise, environmental quality prediction, graduates’ employment condition, as well as potential development of second generation of new immigrants. Moreover, domestic academic institutions or organizations collaborate to apply the data analysis technique and method to solve above issues, thereby strengthening the quality for the government’s administrative strategies, while also cultivating the data scientific talents urgently demanded within the country. The relevant outcomes of researches will be incorporated into the organizational normal business, acting as one of the loops assisting the policy-making decisions.

Promotional Structure

   In order to accelerate the applications of big data analysis, the Executive Yuan has set up the “big data technical guidance team”, with the vice primer of the Executive Yuan as the convener, board of Science and Technology in charge. The team members comprise the National Development Council, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Ministry of Science and Technology. They assist in the promotion of the government’s big data analysis in the aspects of regulatory environment, industrial technical guidance and academia field guidance relatively. 



 Big Data Promotion Org

 I. Enterprise Payroll
The average salary income for the people in Taiwan throughout past years had been calculated via the approach of sampling investigation taken by the Directorate-General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics, Executive Yuan. Now it is obtained via the big data analysis technique, based on articulating the salary income data from the Ministry of Finance with the labor insurance data from the Ministry of Labor, which will further objectively reflect the actual salary standard for the people of Taiwan.

II. Students’ Employment
Analyze the employment and salary standard for college graduates using college graduates’ data from the Ministry of Education, the labor insurance data from the Ministry of Labor, and the salary income data from the Ministry of Finance, so as to make reference for the government in planning the educational policies. 

III. Drug Crime Prevention
In consideration of the complexity of drug issues, the existing data from relevant organizations are gathered and analyzed in collaboration with agencies across government, thereby understanding the outline of drug usage, reviewing and evaluating the current treatment models as well as grasping the network of drug production, selling and supply, so as to solve the current drug abuse issue, and use it as the reference for drug prevention policy planning.

IV. Immigrant Policy  
  Analyze the relevant new immigrants’ statistical data from all divisions, observe the growth and decline trend for the different types and different factors based on the big data model, and use it as the reference for the future policies conforming to new immigrants’ needs.