5G in Taiwan will be available in 2020:NCC

The chairwoman of the National Communications Commission (NCC), Chan Ting-I (詹婷怡) spoke at the Legislative Yuan on Oct. 4 and said that currently the release of 5G internet service in Taiwan was set to be approved for 2020.

Legislators voiced their concerns about the future offering of the 5G network at the business report meeting. In response NCC Chairwoman Chan said that currently 5G is on track for 2020.

After the release of 4G in 2013, and the large investments made by Taiwanese telecom companies, legislators were concerned the decision for the slight delay was made to allow companies a few more months to recoup their investments into the 4G network before releasing 5G.

Chairwoman Chan denied this, and instead said that the network construction had to be prepared to accept a very high volume of transmission before activating the new network, and that more time was needed to prepare, reports LTN.

Source:Taiwan News